Kibera is currently the largest slum in Africa housing *about 250,000*  people. The slum tour is aimed at giving an in-depth understanding of the real everyday life of the residents of these areas, whose stories are often
told only in a negative light. It will reveal the different attributes of slum life and  allow for interaction with the residents to challenge the misconceptions and stereotypes that may exist. This will be done through
the following:

  • A visit to the Kibera railway which is a landscape which gives a good vantage point of Kibera in its entirety
  • A visit to one of the schools where the visitor will be able to see the condition of schools and meet some pupils.
  • The visitor will also meet young entertainers including rappers and dancers who will perform modern and traditional dance
  • A game of street soccer with youth football teams from Kibera

Iinteraction with residents of Kibera to gain a better understanding of slum life

The security of the visitors is assured by the local authority.

This tour is non profitable and is like a kind of Charity tour since the proceeds will be tailored to the Kibera community .

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